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To: All UK voters and current MPs

Reduce MP Wages as Austerity Measure

As part of the austerity drive to reduce our national debt caused by the banking crisis, I feel it is only fair that serving members of parliament share in the sacrifice with us.

I suggest that all backbench MPs take an immediate 10% cut to their total income from parliament, and that frontbench members i.e. those holding senior posts take a 15% cut in salary with immediate effect.

Why is this important?

We didn't cause the financial crisis, the bankers did and our politicians decided to bail them out without asking us for our opinion on it first. They should therefore make some sacrifice too. The current basic MP salary is £67,000 and a cabinet minister earns around £135,000. This is between 3 and 6 times the average salary of the population and coupled with their generous expenses package, this makes them very comfortable indeed; the rest of us are suffering with low pay increases and rising living costs.

Share the pain with us, as you are elected representatives of us; or are you all just in for yourselves and what you can get out of it?



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