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I wish to get the government to provide adequate housing for wheelchair users in Britain, not enough is being done about this matter. And I would also like the government to reconsider the reforms they are making to welfare benefits for disabled people and to consider this if they choose to pay a disabled person £2 per hour how are they supposed to pay the rent, bills and everything else they have to pay for due to this government incompetence.

Why is this important?

This is important as the government are targeting disabled people to get them into work and not providing adequate housing to those who need it. They intimidate the vulnerable and sick, bully those who speak out about their actions, and make foolish comments on what is a fair wage for a disabled person who is working. This has to stop! Sign this petition today and hopefully the government might actually listen to our outcry.

It is important to realise that in today's society to work and live without benefits it would cost each person an average of £200.00 per week to pay rent, bills & for food when working. As claimants of benefits the average amount a single person gets is £75 per week with that a person has to pay top up council tax & rent which docks roughly £15 off their benefits per week, then they have to pay for food & bills leaving them with £0 money at the end of a week, for a couple this benefit works out at under £145.00 per fortnight. The government expects people on benefits to struggle even though they themselves haven't taken a pay cut and in fact asked for wages to be put up for all mp's a few weeks ago. How is this a fair system when even the working class are struggling to pay bills and government mp's are sitting pretty in their nice houses and estates. They say welfare claimants are a drain on this country but we are not the government need to realise, that the more pressure they insert on the general public the more angry they will get. Time for change is now! Time to change the government, time to change the changes they are making to this once beautiful Britain, it time to say enough is enough and we aren't going to take it anymore.

Sign this petition today. Lets make them change.



2016-08-16 19:46:54 +0100

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