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To: Department of Work & Pensions

Reimburse Tribunal Costs Pertaining to ATOS Misdiagnosis

Repay the costs incurred by claimants for representation at Tribunals due to ATOS misdiagnosis, and fine ATOS accordingly.

Why is this important?

This is important because the government withdrew legal aid at a time when it contracted out its duties to ATOS to assess whether or not claimants, of sickness benefits, were fit for work. Job Centres and the Department of Works & Pensions have strict guidelines to follow when assessing claimants, however, by contracting out to ATOS they avoided these strict guidelines to reach the government's targets to reduce the number of people on sickness benefits.

Thousands of people, who were misdiagnosed by ATOS, won their appeals. No fines have been levied on ATOS, or compensation paid by them, for financial loss or the pain and suffering caused to the individuals, despite the proven negligence at the tribunals.


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