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To: Kinch Bus, Leicestershire PartnershipTrust & Leicestershire County Council.

Reinstate Loughborough Hospital Bus Stop

In February 2015 the Kinch bus service into the Epinal Way Hospital was axed. The bus company blamed the pedestrianisation of Loughborough town centre for the withdrawal of the service.

We are calling upon Leicestershire County Council to work with local bus companies in order to reinstate a bus service into the grounds of the Epinal Way hospital.

Why is this important?

The hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient care, as well as an Urgent Care Centre. With limited onsite parking, access to the health and care services offered at the hospital has become a major problem to elderly patients and those with mobility issues or without transport. Mental Health services has just been moved to the site, meaning even more patients use the hospital.

Local bus companies need to be held to account for providing a service that meets the needs of customers and this includes maintaining adequate transport links to our local hospital for patients with accessibility needs.

How it will be delivered

Once we have gathered enough signatures, we will be delivering the petition to Leicestershire County Council & West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group in person.


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2016-06-04 20:30:45 +0100

We will be officially presenting the petition at Leicestershire County Council's Transport Forum meeting on the 4th of July. We are looking for people who have been directly inconvenienced by the removal of the hospital bus stop to tell us their stories - would you have used the stop if it was still there? Have you had to find alternative means of getting to the hospital? Your story is important to us, and could help make the difference when we present the petition. Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous may do so. Please contact us at: [email protected].

2016-04-16 09:03:20 +0100

Yesterday we met with our MP Nicky Morgan, and representatives of Kinch, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and Leicestershire Partnership Trust, who run the hospital. It was a positive and proactive meeting, in which we discussed why the stop was taken away, and what steps would need to be undertaken in order for it to be reinstated. The hospital trust have agreed to survey patients to guage interest in a bus stop at the hospital, Kinch will be meeting with the council to agree steps to ensure punctuality of services, which would put them more in position to consider reinstating the stop, and Nicky Morgan MP has agreed to contact Leicestershire County Council about making small changes to Epinal Way to help the bus stick to it's timetable should it be reinstated.

2016-04-09 21:42:49 +0100

500 signatures reached

2016-04-04 18:00:28 +0100

We will be holding an Action Day on Saturday the 9th of April to gather more signatures for the campaign. We will meet at 11am in Loughborough Market Place (near the circular benches). We need as many volunteers as possible! For more info you can contact us at [email protected].

2016-02-03 18:53:15 +0000

100 signatures reached

2016-02-02 18:00:25 +0000

50 signatures reached

2016-02-01 22:31:42 +0000

25 signatures reached

2016-02-01 19:20:00 +0000

10 signatures reached