To: AQA/ Justine Greening

Reinstate the Creative Writing A Level

Reinstate the Creative Writing A Level

Please reinstate the Creative Writing A Level

Why is this important?

The Creative Writing A level will shortly come to an end after the Department for Education decided to turn down the AQA submission for Creative Writing to continue as an AS and A Level subject from 2017 onwards.

If writing is a chance to reflect on who we were, who we are and who we can be, it is important anyone has a chance to pursue this career and become a writer.

By removing the opportunity to consider this subject for A level, we are guiding students away from considering this career path later on which is then limiting the diversity of who writers are and making it more likely that the same kinds of people will always be the ones who become writers.

This is why the Creative Writing A level is so important – it has been shown that the subjects we study at school lead to the subjects we consider for university and/or our careers, then, when we become parents, our own choices influence the choices we guide our children to make.

Reasons for signing

  • I've just finished an A Level in Creative Writing and am hoping to continue at degree level - it's a big part of my life and much of what is in the world would not be around without creative minds. We cannot abolish creative subjects, they are just as important as those of academics and help many of us to find our true selves.
  • Because nobody ever loved a book because of its grammatical excellence (or cared about sentences starting with a conjunction!)


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