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To: G1 Senior Management

Reinstate the Grosvenor 10

Reinstate the Grosvenor 10

To reinstate the 10 workers at the Grosvenor Cinema, Cafe and Lane who were unfairly and disproportionately dismissed for using the staff discount scheme to purchase food and to drop gross misconduct charges for the others.

Why is this important?

On 30th August the G1 Group sacked 10 members of staff at the Grosvenor Cinema, Cafe and Lane for using a staff discount on food for their colleagues. The amount of money saved by staff on discounts range from £1.89 - £30. G1 workers made the company £66.6 million in revenue last year. If you think this is unfair then sign the petition and share on social media.

How it will be delivered

To Stefan King's house


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Reasons for signing

  • If we don't take a stand against injustice whenever we see it, how can we expect others to bother speaking up for us or our loved ones when the boot comes to stamp on our/their faces?! (Plus, us Scots don't take too kindly to our fellow countrymen and women being treated like dirt by unethical, greedy, big business!)
  • G1 needs to be dissolved and its directors charged for their mistreatment of staff.
  • Stefan King stop being GREEDY !, WE will BOYCOTT The Grosvenor if these workers are not reinstated.!!!!


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