To: NHS Local Committee

Reinstate Weybridge NHS 'Walk in' Centre

Reinstate Weybridge NHS 'Walk in' Centre

I would like the NHS to reinstate the Weybridge 'Walk In' centre along with the two doctors' practices in their original location. These facilities were destroyed by fire this summer and the committee will not confirm that the 'Walk In' centre wall be rebuilt

Why is this important?

The Walk In centre has become an essential service to the 60,000 residents in the local area. It massively relieves the pressure on the A & E unit in St Peters. No appointments are needed and it was open everyday.


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Reasons for signing

  • Maintaining local community facilities is essential because they are more accessible for people who live, work or visit the area and also relieve pressure on the already overworked A and E department at St. Peter’s Hospital. It will be even more difficult to get to see a GP if the two GP practices disappear.
  • I lived in Weybridge for 5 years and had my first child there - this centre was an essential resource.
  • Important for the local community and ensuring St. Peter’s A&E does not get so busy it cannot manage


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