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To: The Crown Court

Release Brian Quail and Angela Zelter

Release without charge now

Why is this important?

Protesting pensioners Brian Quail and Angela Zelter have been thrown in jail after refusing to accept a court order banning them from campaigning outside a nuclear arms base.

Quail, a 79-year-old retired Latin teacher, is being kept in HMP Low Moss, while 66-year-old Zelter has been remanded in Corton Vale.

The two were arrested by police for taking part in a blockade of the nuclear warhead store at Coulport on Loch Long as part of the Trident Ploughshares “week of disruption”.

The veteran campaigners and three others were offered bail at Dumbarton Justice of the Peace Court on Wednesday, but only if they agreed to not go “within 100m of the perimeter fence or shoreline of HMS Naval Base Clyde, Faslane”.

Quail and Zelter refused to accept those conditions and will be kept behind bars until their court date on August 3.

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