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To: Michael Gove - Justice Minister

Stop G4S violence

Strip G4S of the contract to run the Medway Secure Training Centre with immediate effect, following continued allegations of child abuse by staff members at the establishment as well as others run by the company.

Why is this important?

Children and young people in custody are effectively being cared for by the state. They are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the country. Their treatment by private contactors such as G4S has been, and continues to be, disgraceful. The latest allegations about Medway STC, backed by video evidence, are just the latest in a sorry line of serious incidents. Children have died in custody at the hands of staff members and many more have taken their own lives after ill treatment. It is nothing short of a national scandal that despite this, contracts continue to be awarded to G4S, who have such a poor record of providing public services. Does money matter more than children’s lives to the government?


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