To: Hertfordshire County Council

Remove Markyate Traffic Lights on A5183

Remove Markyate Traffic Lights on A5183

We the people of Markyate in Hertfordshire respectfully request that the traffic lights on the A5183 that control the junction with the High Street and Luton Road are immediately removed.

Why is this important?

This junction has over many years been the scene of multiple accidents. One fatal. Over the last three years residents have written continually to our MP Mike Penning, County Councillors David Lloyd and now Terry Douris. On every occasion there have been promises of reviews yet nothing has yet been done. On a recent occasion where the lights were switched off for over a week there were no accidents, no build up of traffic on either Luton Road or the High Street, bringing with it significant improvements in air quality at peak times.

How it will be delivered

By email after 30 days


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Reasons for signing

  • The traffic lights are dangerous if you don't know how the junction works. Road users should not have to think 'do these traffic lights work like every other set of traffic lights in the UK'.
  • Don't want them removed, but URGENTLY needs changing. Too many human errors occurring which could be prevented if the system was clearer.
  • As MP's and highways officials continually ignore the requests for action from local residents. It's time to demand that something is done before we have another fatality.


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