To: Kit Malthouse. MP

Remove monopoly for network distribution companies

Remove monopoly for network distribution companies

Give people a choice of network distribution companies to provide electricity and gas for new builds.

Currently the UK is divided into 9 areas for electricity network distribution and 5 for gas. This means you are at the mercy of a single company when getting your new supply. These companies are not held accountable for their prices, their inefficiency and their total lack of customer service.

Take away their monopoly for new supply and we will get a fairer deal.

Why is this important?

We are about to start a new build and have spent a year negotiating with SSEPD for an electricity connection. Their prices changed constantly, they sent the wrong contract to the Wayleaves team (the team that sort out the permissions with landowners) and then said that it was going to cost more because the works team had discovered a problem with the planned works on the quote. They say they won't tell us what the extra cost will be until they have done the work! So we have no idea if or what they might be planning to charge us on top of the amount we have already paid based on their quote.

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