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remove PLC status from companies who keep breaking the law

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Will Stockley
remove PLC status from companies who keep breaking the law

Remove the limited liability status from PLC's, multi-nationals and limited companies who repeatedly flout the law or are proven to lie consistently.
And, pass this liability on the the board members and shareholders.

Why is this important?

Too many companies commit fraud or theft, create pollution or corruption or sell produce based on lies. They get away with it constantly.

Hiding behind a trick of the paperwork to never be held accountable as individuals because we treat companies themselves with the rights of an individual in court.

This means, usually, a company can be punished for breaking the law but individuals cannot.


Removing the Limited Liability from the company will force many of these corporates to think twice before putting profit before people

United Kingdom

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  • A moral citizen of a moral country would sign this into law


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