To: Steve Murrells Coop chief executer

Remove sweets from checkout area in shops

Remove sweets from checkout area in shops

Remove sweets from checkout area in all coop shops

Why is this important?

Dear Sir,

I was at the checkout in my local coop store. In front of me was a mother with 2 young children. She was struggling with her shopping at the same time as she was subjected to a lot of pestering from her children for sweets. I looked up and saw the panel which hid the tobacco products. The government has decided that it is of benefit to our health not to be reminded of this health hazard and, no doubt, there is a lot of research showing that removing the visual stimulus reduces the consumption.

We are also told of an impending crises of obesity in children.

I spoke to the mother about the nuisance of having sweets placed within such easy reach of children and at a place where she could not walk away. I also spoke to the store manager who, as a mother and grandmother herself, was very sympathetic, but explained that Cadbury is paying extra to have their products displayed in just such an area because " it makes parents buy them".

Coop is proud of its ethical values. Is it not time for your organisation to take a lead and put the health before profits, to forgo a little money to help struggling parents keep sugar from their children.

Please think about this and show your community that your ethical values reach all the way down to the shop floor.

Monika Brown , mother and grandmother