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To: Stratford District Council

Rescue Great Wolford's Pub from conversion to Houses

Rescue Great Wolford's Pub from conversion to Houses

Deny any change of use of the Fox and Hounds Inn from a Public House and not to permit the owners to continue to use it solely as a dwelling.

Why is this important?

The pub, dating back to the 16th Century has always been, within living memory, the heart of our community and a successful and profitable business. It is the only pub in the village and its closure has denied us a vital social amenity.

The current owners opened the pub in July 2015 and closed it in June 2016 - dates taken from the planning application they submitted recently for conversion of the pub into two houses.

Previous publicans have published their trading figures and made personal statements (published on the campaign website) that support the widely held belief that the pub remains perfectly viable in the hands of a professional, full-time host.

Here are some comments from local people posted publicly on SDC Planners' Website in their objections to the application to convert the pub:

"When I moved to the village in 2015 the pub was the only place villagers could congregate to socialise and I have felt a massive loss without having this facility. The village is having an influx of younger families moving to the area (us being one) and we all desperately feel the loss. This pub needs to be saved and taken over by owners prepared to invest the energy into it to and integrate into the community"

My objection is purely based on common sense and nothing to do with who owns the pub. If the current owners were prepared to sell for a sensible price I am sure that somebody else would relish the chance to reinstate the Fox and Hounds to its former glory"

"The pub is well loved and there would be an immediate return of business should it re-open. It is the heart of the village and many events were held and run from here prior to the current owners.

Despite moving away from the village we would definitely return and use the pub consistently as would many others from both the village and it's surrounding area. It is a fully viable business when marketed effectively and identifying the type of pub business this historic building needs and respecting it.

I fully object to this application and it would tear the heart out of the village and those smaller
surrounding villages."

PLEASE help us by signing the petition to oppose the loss of our village pub.

How it will be delivered

Electronically and in person

Great Wolford, Warwickshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Aweful. Money is King these days. Please save this pub. Too much of our history is being taken from us.
  • Economically viable as a pub. I have some experience as an ex owner of the F&H.
  • F&H is my local vocal point of meet. Working away from my main social point to meet and greed the my local community.


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The pub is still closed but the campaign to rescue it is developing strongly. We have held a couple of social "Pop-up-Pub" events to help keep the village's social heart beating. These were successful and very well attended but everyone agrees that it just isn't the same as having our local pub to go to so we're more determined than ever to get it back. The villagers I've spoken to are amazed and hugely grateful for the enormous support we've received both from people who have visited the pub in the past and others who are also struggling with greedy, opportunistic chancers trying to line their pockets at the expense of the local community.

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