To: Chiltern District Council Planning Department

Retain The Miltons Head Site for Licensed Premises

Retain The Miltons Head Site for Licensed Premises

We request that Chiltern District Council Planning Department retain the classification of the land upon which the former Miltons Head stood and refuse permissions for 'change of use' to any alternative use.

Why is this important?

In common with many villages in Britain, Chalfont St Giles has seen a severe reduction in the number of traditional pubs and their replacement by gastro-pubs , restaurants and non-licensed premises. The villagers are therefore saddened by the fire at the Milton's Head and its eventual demolition as it had been a licensed premises since 1901. In order to prevent any further reduction in licensed premises, the residents of Chalfont St Giles hereby petition Chiltern District Council to refuse any planning application for a change of use of the site from licensed premises /restaurant to any alternative use.

Chalfont St Giles

Reasons for signing

  • Small pubs such as the Miltons Head serve the local community well and help to contribute to the traditional character of this beautiful village.
  • Should be rebuilt as the charming and friendly thriving pub that it was.
  • Good Pubs are an asset and should be cherished not demolished !!


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