To: Theresa May (PM), Sandy Martin (Central Ipswich MP), Dan Paulter (Outer Ipswich MP)

Return Student Nurses Bursary Now

Return Student Nurses Bursary Now

Dear Prime Minister,

Student nurses have now been put in a difficult position to continue their unpaid placement hours during the course of their nursing studies without any compensation or grant.

Instead, Student Nurses will be in further debts by continuing to do regular +-37 hours in a week of much needed placement hours for experience and also the need to do 20-48 hours of paid work to pay off personal debts, family needs and house mortgages and general bills.

Please return the Student Nurses Bursary as a matter of Urgency for the sake of the NHS if it is really important.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Why is this important?

Student nurses are finding it impossible to do over 60 hours to make up for lost Nurses Bursary to ensure they never come out of education with a debt over their shoulders or a shadow over their family members.

As a result student nurses are dropping out and potential students are discouraged to enter into nursing while a lot of nurses are retiring in thousands.

Patient safety is getting out of hand.

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