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To: Members of Parliament

Let refugee children live safely with their families

Give child refugees the right to sponsor their parents to join them in the UK by supporting the Refugee Family Reunion Bill.

Why is this important?

Every child has the right to grow up in a loving family environment. Without family support refugee children risk being exploited and possibly trafficked. So Angus MacNeil MP has brought forward a Private Members’ Bill which would give refugee children the right to be safely reunited with their family in the UK.

Refugee children are often fleeing danger, war and political unrest – and laws in our country are only adding to this suffering. The Refugee Family Reunion Bill would help put an end to this – and provide three key things to grant children the right to a happier future.

- Give unaccompanied refugee children in the UK the right to sponsor their parents to join them
- Extend the age from 18 to 25 for parents to sponsor their children to come to the UK
- Reinstate legal aid for refugee family reunion cases

This Bill seeks to improve the lot for people who have found themselves in the worst situation possible having fled their homeland as refugees. It has support from members from seven parties – Government and opposition. It is not party political it is a humanitarian issue and would bring the UK into line with a majority of European countries if passed.


Reasons for signing

  • Human compassion
  • For the sake of humanity!
  • Children should have the right to a proper life when they're fleeing persecution.


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