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To: Taunton Deane Borough Council

Revise the Plans for Staplegrove Ramps

Revise the Plans for Staplegrove Ramps

Revise the proposed plans for the replacement of Staplegrove Mini Ramp.

Why is this important?

We've been aware TDBC have been planning to replace the aging metal Mini Ramp at Staplegrove for a long time. As far as we're aware, there has been no user group consultation with the skateboarding, BMXing or other communities in the town,

The plans have been passed without any proper consultation with the wheel sports community in Taunton. The design shows the existing 4 foot mini being replaced with a skatelite 6 foot mini and a separate 10 foot vert ramp. Which aren't connected in anyway. The plans are completely outdated and unwanted by the overwhelming majority of the demographic it would apply to.

We already have several ramps exactly like the ones that are proposed in the local vicinity and not one of them is used for it's intended purpose because they have absolutely no appeal. They are cheap and horrible things; Skatelite ramps are of a time now gone and so in part are these kind of basic designs.

Councils all over the country have clocked that these ramps aren't wanted and are opting for concrete parks and ramps designed by professional skatepark builders. Hamilton Park is a well used and well loved park because of the fact that time and care was spent planning, designing and corresponding with the right people to get the right thing built. With next to no correspondence with the people that would actually be using the facility, this WILL be a complete waste of the councils, tax payers and other funders money. Viridoor Green and Lyngford Park are perfect examples of this. The right people were not involved with planning and there are now two parks that are not used and have been essentially written off to the community.

The planning application can be found here. Along with PDF links to the proposed plans.

While the planning has already been passed, we feel it's not too late to let TDBC hear our voice. If you agree that the plans for two separate outdated ramps should be revised and replaced with a properly up to date professionally designed concrete ramp, then please sign this petition.

I'm sure I speak for almost every person whether they be a skateboarder, BMXer, rollerblader, when I say that we do not want these awful ramps!

Staplegrove, Taunton

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