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To: The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak: Keep your promise to renters

Deliver your manifesto promise by banning no-fault evictions NOW!

Your government was elected on a promise to scrap unfair “no-fault” evictions, which are a leading cause of homelessness, but new laws are reportedly being held up by a small number of MPs who want landlords to keep excessive powers.

It doesn’t have to be this way - you can deliver your promise by accepting votes from Opposition MPs and make this law before the next General Election.

Why is this important?

Currently private landlords need no reason to evict you. They just need to give you two months' notice and you have to uproot your life and find a new place to live.

No-fault evictions let landlords bully tenants into staying quiet about disrepair or accepting unaffordable rent increases. It means you can never really know if you can trust your landlord or how long you can stay in your home.

Five years after they promised to scrap them, new laws are being held up by a few dozen MPs who want landlords to keep calling the shots.

But because of support from other parties, the Prime Minister has the votes he needs to make the laws reality, but newspapers are reporting that he's still refusing to schedule the vote because of a small number of rebel MPs.

If enough of us come together, we can force the Prime Minister to do what’s right and ban no-fault evictions NOW!

England, UK

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