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To: St Albans District Council

Road Layout Change on Hatfield Road/Acrewood Way in St Albans

Road Layout Change on Hatfield Road/Acrewood Way in St Albans

Make changes to the traffic/road layout/speed limit on Hatfield Road at the junctions of Acrewood Way/Lyon Way and Colney Heath Lane. Mini Roundabouts and a speed limit of 30mph would ease traffic flow and speed.

Why is this important?

Another road user has died in a crash. This is unfortunately not the first time this has happened. I want it to be the last time.

St Albans City, Saint Albans

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Reasons for signing

  • To stop more deaths !.
  • A few months ago my car was nearly squashed when a large lorry missed his turning, braked sharply and reversed without even knowing I was there. Despite desperate horn hooting, he stopped only millimetres before squashing me. A roundabout here would have given him time to see his junction and turn safely. Very dangerous junction!!
  • Pulling out on Hatfield road is getting more and more dangerous as traffic and local population increase. You have to put your foot down and pray, unfortunately we are having to pray for another lost life. RIP.


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