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To: Craig Mckinnley

Decent broadband in South Thanet

Decent broadband in South Thanet

Ensure that our area gets a decent broadband service, for across the whole of Kent's rural areas.

Why is this important?

People in small towns and villages need internet just as much as people in big towns and cities. Decent broadband connection is essential for everything from paying bills to running businesses.

But for some places in the UK, the internet speed is either painfully slow or non-existent. It's time the government stepped up and fulfilled it's promise of decent broadband for everyone.

Dover, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • I think that if we're going to lobby him we should spell our MP's name correctly - it's Craig Mackinlay
  • It's is appalling that the back bone of communication has not been prioritised and that constituents have to start a petition to get any improvement.
  • We need a decent broadband service here in Kent. We are hardly the back of beyond and this service is vital


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