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To: Hampshire County Council

Safer Speed Limits on Lovedean Lane in Hampshire

Update: 3.10.16

Hello All!

Today I received an email from the Economy, Transport and Environment Department at Winchester and the traffic proposals have been accepted! The speed limit along Lovedean Lane will be reduced to 40mph!

There is no current timeframe on the work, however, and as soon as I receive a report, I will let you all know. For now, celebrate amongst yourselves!

Kind regards and with many, many thanks to everyone

Safer Speed Limits on Lovedean Lane in Hampshire

Please limit the speed on Lovedean Lane to 40mph for the whole road. Currently part of the road is at a 30mph speed limit and then a 40mph speed limit where it joins Downhouse Road. For the stretch of Lovedean Lane from approx the Roads Hill junction to Downhouse Road there is a National speed limit for approx 1 mile.

We would like to see one, two or all of the following implemented:
(1) A reduction in the speed limit to 40mph
(2) Additional warning signage to warn drivers of the hazards they might encounter on that stretch of road
(3) Speed restriction measures such as speed bumps

There is currently a proposal up for consideration by the council. It can be found here:
Signatories are encouraged to write in on the site and show their support in their own words as well as signing the petition below.

Why is this important?

There are a number of entrances along this stretch of road and the it is used by horse riders, including children on ponies, cyclists and farm vehicles all limited as to speed. A number of locals have expressed their concern as to the speed of many cars along this stretch who may be unaware of the hazards often present in this area.

The purpose of this petition is to show support for the proposal already posted on Hampshire County Council's Public Notices site to restrict the speed limit.


The petition and the Pony Mad Hackers backing the campaign and the council proposals appeared in the Clanfield Post!
We're very grateful to Paul Ferguson of the Petersfield Post for taking the time to come down and visit, then write an article about our campaign.

(Image courtesy of the generosity of those who release their work to the public domain via Wikimedia Commons

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered by email. A downloadable PDF plus scanned images of the hard copy petition will be emailed in to the relevant County Council department on 11th April 2016.


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Reasons for signing

  • Horse riding on the road is feeling increasingly unsafe as a lot of drivers don't slow down enough. I ride in this area. I think there should also be some additional signage at the crossing points where horses cross the road as it is not very easy to see at certain points for riders or drivers.
  • My daughter rides along this route, and as I both walk with them, and drive along this route, I see many drivers who take the national speed limit signs as a "target speed" rather than a "maximum allowed". We have been overtaken on a hack when I know the driver cannot see far enough round the next bend to take it safely and when you are walking children on horses this can be an alarming spectacle. .


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The proposed traffic changes have been accepted! There's no current timeframe on the work, so the Campaign will remain open for now, but we're there! Congratulations, everyone!

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