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To: Redwing Estates Limited

Save 7 Bruce Grove, Tottenham

To restore this derelict historic building, in line with the planning permission that has already been granted.

Why is this important?

No. 7 Bruce Grove is one of the most important historic buildings in Tottenham. It is one of a pair of grand Georgian town houses in classical style. It lies within the Bruce Grove Conservation Area, and is one of the buildings that lines the important approach from Tottenham High Road to Bruce Castle Museum.
It is the only building in the whole of Tottenham to bear an English Heritage blue plaque, which commemorates Luke Howard, the ‘Namer of Clouds’, who lived there in the 19th Century. The building is nationally listed, but it is also on the English Heritage Buildings at Risk Register, because of its current derelict condition. This is a tragedy, and the building is currently an eyesore that blights the whole area.
Tottenham Civic Society is calling for the urgent rescue of 7 Bruce Grove, to save it from further structural decline, and to restore it to its former glory. The restoration of the building would encourage economic regeneration of the area, and help transform perceptions of Tottenham.
Planning permission was granted in 2013 for the building to be restored to its original outward appearance, the interior converted into new flats, with the building of some new homes in the rear garden. It is our view that this planning permission should be acted on as soon as possible in order to save 7 Bruce Grove.

Tottenham, London

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