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To: Camden Council, Belsize Park, Hampstead and Frognal and Fitzjohns Residents and Councillors, Tulip Siddiq MP and Greg Clark MP - Secretary of State for DCLG

Save Air Studios

13/10/17 Fantastic News! - Basement Swimming Pool Application Dropped!

To let everyone know that our neighbours have decided to drop both Appeals and both Planning Applications for their proposed basement development!

We are so relieved and so incredibly thankful to all of you who have supported us over the last couple years.

Every musician, artist, composer, client, music fan, engineer, producer, the local community, film and tv company, record label, other recording studios, local government, other government agencies, industry bodies and all our brilliant staff- Your efforts have played such a huge part in helping to get to this resolution. We cannot thank you enough!

Currently there is nothing to stop new applications of a similar nature but if they do we hope we can count on your future support if required!

We will of course update you all with more news as and when we get it.

Again- thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been amazing

AIR Studios

You are invited to reject the application for a major development which would disrupt the workings of Air recording studios, possibly cause damage to the building and its surroundings and may force them to close.

1. Sign the petition; and
2. Write letters of objection to Rob Tulloch of Camden (who is the Case Officer) at [email protected].

Do use the petition as a template and quote the case number in your email. Do make some changes to the petition to make this your own objection else Camden will treat all objections which look the same as one objection.

The case numbers are:
2015/2089/P 2015/2109/L and 2015/7079/P & 2015/7300/L
Re address: 11 Rosslyn Hill, NW3

Why is this important?

AIR Studios began its long and prestigious history in 1969 when Sir George Martin left EMI to establish an independent recording complex in the heart of central London. It became one of the most successful studio operations in the world.

In 1992 AIR Studios relocated to the beautiful Lyndhurst Hall on the corner of Rosslyn Hill and Lyndhurst Road and called it Air Lyndhurst. You will remember that the site was derelict for some time and there was a substantial makeover of this building by Air Studios which regenerated this corner of Hampstead and brought life and glamour to the local area.

When Sir George retired in 2006 AIR was bought by Richard Boote and is now run by Richard and his business partner Paul Woolf.

Since its opening AIR has continued to be Britain’s premier scoring facility attracting some of the world’s biggest movies scores, as well as maintaining its popularity with major classical labels and high profile recording artists. Many major film scores including the following have been recorded here: Interstellar, Grand Budapest Hotel, Cinderella, The Hunger Games (1, 2, & 3) and artists such as Coldplay, Muse, Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael are regulars too.

Next door to this building is a residence, hardly seen by passers-by, which is wedged by the side of Air Studios. The owners have applied for planning permission for major redevelopment which involves a substantial basement under most of this imposing site.

The first planning application can be found here:

The second planning application is not yet up on Camden's website.

The problem with this development is that it may close the business of Air Studios for the following reasons:

1. As a recording studio it is extremely noise sensitive and if work of this nature and length were to be granted the go ahead it would render the studios inoperable for a long period of time.
2. This would not only result in loss of earnings for the company but would affect many musicians and orchestras, film companies etc as there are not enough alternate facilities available in London or the UK.
3. The structural risk is serious. The basement, whose construction would devastate the site, is far too big, and would not be acceptable under the Draft Local Plan now out for consultation. There are precedents for Draft Plans to be used in determining applications, especially in relation to listed buildings.
4. The Basement Impact Assessment states that damage to adjoining buildings would be no more than Burland Scale 2. This is too much, with unequal listed buildings on each side; one dating from the 18th Century, no doubt of rustic character, the other of late 19th Century, carrying a huge load. We cannot afford to see either damaged in any way.
5. Lack of compliance with proper process and also the risk attendant with the underground stream.
6. As yet there has been no consultation and no compliance with the Party Wall Act.

They have letters of support from the MU, BFC as well as from major Hollywood composers like David Arnold and Hans Zimmer. The purpose of this petition is to let the people of Hampstead have their say.

It seems to me that there is a point of philosophy here to be explored which is, to what extent should a development be allowed if it will seriously and deleteriously impact the livelihood and success of a business such as a recording studios which brings not only revenues to our local authority but also kudos to our area.

It is undoubtedly an enhancement of Hampstead for the Studios to be here. But they have told me that they will have to close for 6 - 12 months if not longer if the development gets the go ahead and they may never re-open.

This seems to me to be unjust and I would invite you to record your agreement by signing the petition.

I will continue to download and deliver the petition to the addressees on various dates as we hit various milestones with signatures. Please keep signing the petition until we get a result on this application. I will keep you informed of progress throughout.

Thank you.

Jessica Learmond-Criqui

How it will be delivered

From time to time as matters evolve and signatures increase, the petition will be downloaded and emailed to Rob Tulloch, the Leader and CEO of Camden Council, all Councillors in Belsize Park, Hampstead and Frognal and Fitzjohns, our MP, Tulip Siddiq and to the Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark MP.

Hampstead and Belsize London NW3

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2017-10-16 14:14:26 +0100

Petition is successful with 12,806 signatures

2017-07-13 13:51:25 +0100

If you wish to speak at the appeal hearing

If any of you wish to speak at the hearing, you will need to send your statement to the Planning Inspectorate and notify them that they wish to speak at the hearing. The address is:

Alan Bailey
Planning Inspectorate
Kite Wing Rm P
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

If you would like a copy of the Inspector’s decision, do ask for a copy in any letter to Mr Bailey.

This is a last push on this particular application by Air’s neighbours. We need your help. Do act now.

2017-07-13 13:51:04 +0100

What to put in any new objection - see below and make personal

Site Address: 11 Rosslyn Hill, NW3 5UL
Planning Inspectorate reference: APP/X5210/W/16/3156359 & APP/X5210/Y/16/3156361
Appellant’s name: Mr & Mrs Andrew Jeffreys

- The applicants have not shown that the development can be carried out without causing harm to Air Studios.
- The excavation and construction works would be long and very disruptive.
- The applicants argue that any harm to Air could be protected by the imposition of suitable conditions on a planning permission limiting noise. This is unrealistic and unachievable. The right approach should be to establish (with all the necessary construction details) if the work could be carried out without causing harm, before a decision on whether permission should be granted is made.
- The problem with a grant of consent with conditions limiting noise is that once permission is granted the work is more likely to be permitted even if disruption occurs.

2017-07-13 13:47:26 +0100

Please submit a new objection to the Planning Inspector – see further below

If you have not yet submitted new objections, please do so by 18 July, 2017 to the Planning Inspectorate. The instructions for doing so are below:

To submit an online objection to the Planning Inspectorate:

1. Go to
3. Enter 3156359 in Search for a case
4. Hit Button saying “Make representation”
5. Hit Save & Continue
6. Fill in your details and your “representation” (objections) as per instructions

If you are sending a letter, please send to:

Alan Bailey
Planning Inspectorate
Kite Wing Rm P
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

His email is: [email protected]

The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge representations. They will, however, ensure that letters received by the deadline are passed on to the Inspector dealing with the appeals.

2017-07-13 13:47:03 +0100

Air Studios has now received notification of the dates for the appeal hearing by their neighbours who wish to build a swimming pool in their basement development which would disrupt Air’s business.

The dates are 26 and 27 September, 2017. Starting time is 10am.
The venue is:

Council Offices, 5 St Pancras Square, London NW1 4AG


In hearings of this nature, the numbers of people who turn up to these meetings can be an important factor in the Planning Inspector’s mind. I will be there and look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

2016-11-22 22:07:18 +0000

The latest twist in this saga is that Mr and Mrs Jefferies, Air’s neighbours, have appealed to the Inspector in relation to their first application on the basis that Camden has not made a decision on their application within the normal time limits. For the moment, Air is making the appropriate representations so there is nothing that you are required to do at this stage.

For info, Camden Council has now issued a letter confirming that they object to the plans which is helpful to Air’s case. We are very pleased to see that the planning department now object to the development on the grounds that the impact on Air Studios has not been properly considered or addressed. This is in contrast to the planning department’s original support for the development proposals and this change of position has no doubt been driven by the sustained objection from so many of you who have supported us.

The Planning Inspector still has to determine the appeal.

2016-02-04 12:48:08 +0000

For foreign signatories, please use Air Studios post code to sign. It is NW3 5NG. I hope that helps. Do pass this info on.

2015-11-27 12:22:32 +0000

10,000 signatures reached

2015-06-08 20:44:09 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

2015-06-06 19:55:49 +0100

Hampstead rocks! There are now 3,400+ signatures on the petition in less than 2 days. Really well done. Let's see how many more we can obtain by midnight on Tues!

2015-06-05 15:37:25 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2015-06-05 13:10:36 +0100

Well one everyone! We are up to 502 signatures now! Let's get to 3,000 by next Tues. Keep up the great work! Jessica

2015-06-05 13:08:20 +0100

500 signatures reached

2015-06-05 10:21:09 +0100

100 signatures reached

2015-06-05 08:49:46 +0100

50 signatures reached