To: Janet Rutherford, West Lothian Council

Save Annet House and Gardens!

Save Annet House and Gardens!

Please don't sell Annet House and its historical gardens.

Why is this important?

Annet House is a stunning Georgian town dwelling and garden on Linlithgow High Street. Known as the rigg, the gardens would have been used to provide the everyday necessities for the family living in Annet House. The rigg today is maintained in a way that incorporates the species and varieties of plants that would have been growing in Victorian times. Spread over four levels the rigg also has a maze and Linlithgow's only known ice house. In a matter of weeks West Lothian Council will relocate the artefacts to the new Partnership Building and put the house and its stunning gardens up for sale. This part of Linlithgow's heritage will be gone and lost to the people of the town forever. Let's save this valuable resource for generations to come!


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Reasons for signing

  • Because the rigg garden is amazing and tells the heritage of Linlithgow in ways no other venue could!
  • Our history is important to us.
  • It would a shame to lose these lovely gardens that are an asset to the town.


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Many thanks to everyone who has signed. I have attached a link to the minutes from the Linlithgow Community Council meeting held at the end of September. This is worth a read as it is clear that considerable effort is needed to persuade WLC.

A Facebook group has also been set up to ensure the community is kept up to date with further developments. Please find us here and join the conversation:

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