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To: East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Save Beverley’s Remaining Green Spaces

Save Beverley’s Remaining Green Spaces

We ask ERYC to:

- take steps to ensure that future consultations with residents are meaningful;
- considerably reduce the proposed new housing allocation for Beverley;
- reduce the number of proposed houses in the Draft Masterplan for the South West of Beverley to 900;
- retain Southwood, Beverley's proposed new area of common land;
- include further green spaces within all proposed developments.

Why is this important?

Whilst we accept that more houses are needed in the Beverley area, we are deeply concerned about the scale of housing developments proposed for Beverley, as detailed by ERYC in various documents, including the emerging East Riding Local Plan: 3,000 houses are proposed in a town with a current population of 30,000.

Most recently, the Draft Masterplan for the South West of Beverley shows a level of housing density well in excess of the existing housing in the vicinity: 1,900 houses, which is equivalent to approximately 35 houses per hectare, as opposed to the current 20 houses per hectare in the neighbouring Lincoln Way development, in other words, not in keeping with the character for the area.

In 2011 the Beverley Renaissance Partnership called for a large area of open space for public recreational use, a new common, tentatively called Southwood, to complement the existing pastures elsewhere in Beverley, something the new Draft Masterplan has now omitted. Currently only 10 hectares of the 80 hectare development are proposed as green space and this is in small patches scattered around the development. This area needs to be larger and joined up into a coherent chunk of land that will provide a useful recreational space, a green lung for the town, and ensure that Beverley does not become just another suburb of Hull.

We call on ERYC to amend the above Draft Masterplan to reflect a level of development more in keeping with the area. We also ask that Beverley retain the existing quality of life for present and future residents by preserving and expanding its green spaces for recreational use and, in the process, protect and preserve our local wildlife.


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1,000 signatures reached

2015-09-01 23:40:48 +0100

At the consultation event at The Treasure House this evening we were told, in response to a question as to what could be changed in the draft plans, that the crossing points or the route of the 'spine road' were not fixed! However, it was also pointed out by one of the ERYC staff that, in order to affect real change, we need to let the Councillors know that they are risking their seats by passing these plans as is.

Even though it is four years until the next election, the message is clear: let your local Councillors know how unhappy you are by signing this petition and getting involved in the campaign to create Southwood and save Beverley's green spaces.

Only by doing this can we 'scare' Councillors into changing these plans into something more sustainable and in keeping with the built environment of the town.

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2015-08-29 15:27:56 +0100

On 13th July the East Riding of Yorkshire Council launched a public consultation into the South West Beverley Draft Masterplan. The details of this can be found by using this link: .
If you wish to comment on the plan directly, please use the contact addresses and emails on the ERYC page. We also have an exemplar letter you may wish to use (or edit) and this can be found here:!107&authkey=!APg3EGDcNzvkGF4&ithint=file%2cdoc

You can also help the campaign to address the deficiencies in this plan by signing the petition and sending a link to this page to your friends.