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To: Bradford Council

Save Bradford Libraries

Stop the culling of the city's library services (local, mobile & housebound) and continue to provide a council staffed and run service.

Why is this important?

Bradford Council are currently conducting a "Libraries Review" and are proposing removing this vital service from some communities and reducing this in others.

Libraries serve a vital educational purpose and provide access to anyone in the country. People from all ages and backgrounds use the service and it is a disgrace that the Council can cut this. The government says it is keen on improving education of young people but still allows Councils, like Bradford, to destroy the library service. Local libraries are the backbone of many villages and provide a fantastic range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, internet access and an information service on various things. Many are used as meeting places for local people and serve their communities well.

The council have proposed branch libraries be run by volunteers and moving the location of these to much smaller impractical places including places of worship, community and private buildings. This could be as small as a few bookshelves in a local church or shop which could also be unmanned. This would seriously damage the education of both young and old by reducing access to books and educational material.

These plans also include the complete removal of mobile and housebound services, both used by the most vulnerable and disabled people in the district. Without this service many residents would have no access to any books, the service is a lifeline to them. The mobile library also visits areas where local libraries have been axed in the past, so the loss of this would result in no library access in that area.

The library service is a service we cannot afford to loose and we cannot stand around and let these highly paid MPs walk all over it. This is about loosing a necessity that our ancestors fought to have, it is about mass job losses and most importantly it is about the damage it will have on education of the people in the district.

Do not let this happen. Sign our petition today and SAVE YOUR LIBRARY!

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Bradford, United Kingdom

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