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To: Camden Council, London, UK

Save Camden Mothership Community Centre

To allow a meanwhile lease for a community centre, multi use, multi-cultural space for the youth and the elderly, to re-discover community spirit.

Why is this important?

We have occupied the former West Hampstead Council Housing Advice office , that is still owned by Camden Council. It has been left empty for three years, while they were trying to sell the land to property developers. It will lay empty for another 1-2 years unless Camden Council agrees to our interim meanwhile lease use of this incredible 5 floor community resource.

There are nearly 1.5 million empty buildings in the UK and we feel strongly that they should be used to create homes,community and environment projects.

We are a collective of groups who have come together, to benefit the residents of Camden and London,who desperately need community space.We aim to help highlight solutions to the housing crisis.

156 West End Lane, London

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