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To: Cardiff County Council

Save Cardiff Alcohol and drug team

4/3/15 update:

We won! The Cardiff Drug and Alcohol Team has received another years' worth of funding.

Save Cardiff Alcohol and drug team

To stop the closure of Cardiff and Vale Alcohol and Drug team.

Why is this important?

The Cardiff Alcohol and Drug team has provided an expert and effective service to people struggling with substance misuse in the Cardiff and Vale areas for nearly 30 years. Cardiff County council has decided to close it as part of a round of cuts. The service provides a team of social workers and a team of counsellors so giving a holistic approach to helping individuals and their families. They currently have around 230 people in contact with the service. It is estimated that somebody that has alcohol or drug issues will effect a further 8 people in their families and communities not to mention the pressure put upon services such as housing, criminal justice and health to name a few. The cost of the service is 218,000 pa which is less than some executive members of the council's salary and has a lot more of a positive effect.


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