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To: Cardiff Council

Save Cardiff Library Service

Save Cardiff Library Service

Provide a comprehensive and efficient library service throughout the city

Why is this important?

Cardiff Council is currently consulting on their proposed budget plans for 2015/16. These plans include a major attack on the city’s library service.

Under the current proposals some libraries will stop receiving any council funding at all, which means that if “community groups” cannot be found to take over the running of Cathays, Radyr, Rhydypennau, Roath and Whitchurch libraries they will have to close completely.

Others, such as the Central Library, Llandaff North & Fairwater will be forced to become “hubs” and share premises with officers administering and giving advice on housing benefit, council tax and loan services. Many of the Libraries already provide these services so the addition of these “hubs” would mean a non-efficient public library service.

If Cardiff Council proceeds with its plan to continue running down the city’s library service, it will not only mean that less people in the city will be reading – it will be depriving residents of a place to meet and study, imposing further job losses on council staff, and making it harder for unemployed people to search for work.

Rather than closing libraries or running them down by forcing them to share premises with other inappropriate services, the council should find a way of living up to its legal obligation to provide a comprehensive and efficient service throughout the city.

Cardiff, Wales

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Reasons for signing

  • Libraries are a life giving source through books.
  • Society needs libraries! They're important for people to have a safe, free public place to go to relax, study, work and play. It's a false economy to get rid of them!
  • Libraries are essential in a civilised society


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