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To: Carmarthenshire County Council

Save Carmarthenshire Disabled Childrens Respite Services!

We won!
14/03/17 - The services have been taken off the list for cuts!

Please do not make any cuts to the invaluable, already overstretched, disabled childrens respite services in Carmarthenshire!

Why is this important?

Llys Caradog & Blaenau disabled childrens respite centres provide a lifeline to the disabled children and their families across Carmarthenshire. Sadly once again they are threatened with closure due to Council cuts.

For many families with disabled children this service provides the only much needed break for families providing round the clock care for their child's additional needs. This service provides social opportunities to children that may otherwise never have a "sleepover" or "tea at a friends house". For parents and siblings it provides the opportunity to rest and recharge ready to provide care again. Please, please help to save this lifeline.


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