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To: Marcus Warnes, CCG

Save Cheadle Community Hospital

Save Cheadle Community Hospital

Stop the downgrading and closure of beds at Cheadle Hospital.

Why is this important?

Hospitals are being forced to send vulnerable patients home after surgery due to "bed blocking" but many still need time to recuperate before they are well enough to cope at home, especially those living alone and the aged.

My own 83 year old mother benefited from a short stay at Cheadle Hospital after a knee operation. Without that support she would have needed 24 hour care, especially as she suffered from dementia.

How it will be delivered

Deliver the signatures in person.

Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent

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Reasons for signing

  • THis is a badly needed resource for elderly patients leaving hospital. This is madness.
  • Shutting down community hospitals creates the bed blocking. It hasn't worked in South Wales or in Glos. The hospitals are vital to have short term low tech but high quality care as interim care before being discharged home. They are cheaper than bed blocking and cheaper and far better than keeping a patient in a large hospital and expensive acute bed, that caters well for the masses, the community hospitals cater for the individual. They can give the patients the TLC they need before going home
  • My grand parents have relied on the hospital in the past.


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