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To: Waltham Forest Council

Save Chef's Corner on Cann Hall Rd, Leytonstone! £40K could be spent on this design

Save Chef's Corner on Cann Hall Rd, Leytonstone! £40K could be spent on this design

UPDATE! Please come along at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20th November to Buxton School, Woodhouse Road entrance.
CHARA meeting featuring the artist, the councillor who chose the artist and someone on the panel who influenced this choice. Have your voice heard.
More people in the room the better.
The budget of £40,000 is already being chipped into even though (incl. paper petition signatures) we have over 450 people objecting.
We want Waltham Forest council to reconsider in its entirety the current proposed design for the Making Places Scheme at Chef's Corner, Cann Hall Road.

Only THREE people in all of Waltham Forest nominated this site as being 'unloved'.

The current proposed design is not in keeping with the cultural and historical significance of the building.

We want them to put forward a new design based on real community consultation.

Why is this important?

This Victorian gable ended brick building has been a bakery since 1891. It still retains part of an original Hovis Golden Brown sign on it's wall which are rare to see these days.

Only THREE people nominated this site as being 'unloved'.

Since then the council have decided on this design from a selection of artists' proposals.

Fully cladding a wall with modern tiles (handmade or otherwise) can be appropriate for some modern buildings, swimming pools, leisure centres and public toilets. Not a bakery built in the late 1880s. Even the designed typography is identical to the 1970s arcade game - Space Invaders.

Click here for the only available image of the design by the artists.

We want to protect this building.

The current budget for this site is £40,000 of tax payers' money.

If a design is to be put through it should reflect real community involvement and be sympathetic to the cultural and historical significance of the building.

Leytonstone, London

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Reasons for signing

  • I think the proposed design is inappropriate to the building and area. I live on this street and have not been aware of any consultation with local residents.
  • It looks awful, a total eye sore. It does not respect the context of the historical heritage. It should be an OFFENCE to cover bricks from old buildings. There are endless ways of be artistic and preserving the quality and historical charm of the brick and the building. Nowadays there are great graffiti artists who can create marvellous wall paintings by keeping the original context of the building and adding an original twist to it. This is a far better and cheaper way
  • Not enough detail has been provided to imagine what this mural will look like. In any case, local people will have to live with it so at the very least a list of alternative designs should have been presented for our consideration.


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