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To: Hampshire County Council

Save Chineham Library

Save Chineham Library

Don't close Chineham Library

Why is this important?

Hampshire County Council have announced plans to close 10 libraries as part of cost cutting plans.

In addition to signing this petition, it's really important that everyone responds directly to the consultation at

Our libraries do more than simply loan books. They provide events for children, internet access for the elderly, book clubs and more. They’re places for the whole community to come together and learn.

Libraries are a door into the world, we need to protect them for future generations.


Reasons for signing

  • Chineham library is an important part of our community, an open, friendly non- membership space, with great resources , even if all you want to borrow at the moment is a magazine and a smile. The children’s events are admirable; I remember so fondly my childhood weekly visits to our local library. Now talking books, the book groups and the book-themed events have been a revelation to me - reading need not be a lonely activity and the library is for all!
  • The library is a crucial part of life accessible to all ages and ethnic minorities It is on the local bus route so could be the only personal contact for many older people We hear so much about loneliness and this is some peoples only link to meeting other people
  • Not just Chineham but Kingsclere too! Libraries are part of our heritage


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