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To: Mayor of London and Westminster City Council

Save Curzon Mayfair

UPDATE - 06/04/17

I’ve just received some fantastic news: the Curzon Mayfair is no longer under threat of closure. The developers and cinema have come to an agreement, and so the venue will continue to operate as normal.

I therefore want to say a huge thank you for getting behind the campaign to save the cinema. Without your support and the 27,000 others who signed the petition, we almost certainly wouldn’t be making this announcement today. It shows that by pulling together, we can help protect the West End’s cultural heritage.

We the undersigned call on the Mayor of London and Westminster City Council to step in and save historic cinema Curzon Mayfair from closure.

Why is this important?

It is an absolute travesty that developers 38 Curzon Ltd have called on the Curzon to fork out £500,000 to soundproof luxury properties they are building above it.

They know that the cinema doesn’t have the funds. They know that the venue is listed and would face an uphill struggle to get permission to change its interiors. This is a de facto attempt to close the Curzon through the backdoor.

Curzon Mayfair must be protected. We simply cannot afford to lose this much-loved, iconic venue.

To read the Evening Standard's coverage see this link:

Mayfair, London

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