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To: Pre-school Learning Alliance

Save Dallington Pre-school

Save Dallington Pre-school

Save our much needed and well loved Pre-school who have provided lots of families with support and nurtured many children over the years.

Why is this important?

This petition is important for many families within our local community and further afield. Closing of this Pre-school would be detrimental to lots of the current families and those who had signed up for spaces in the future. Currently the Pre-school are supporting several families of children who have additional needs and closing would impact the bonds these children have with their keyworkers and their peers and may set them back on they’re development. Children thrive in this warm and friendly setting meeting milestones and getting school ready by closing this setting there simply will not be enough nursery spaces locally for the local community which will also impact children moving onto primary school as this setting is a feeder to several local primary schools. Dallington Pre-school also offer 2yr funding which other local nurseries do not offer as they are school nurseries so closing this setting would affect our local community deeply.
Children feel safe and secure here and it has a lovely community feel to it where parents are welcomed. Staff at Dallington Pre-school are fantastic and go above and beyond for our special little beings. My daughter has attended this setting for 2 years and it has nurtured her into a wonderful confident little person without the dedication of the staff at this setting she would not be as confident as she now is. Please help us and sign our petition let’s not lose another setting due to restraints being put upon our childcare settings.
If your child currently attends or is due to start in September could you please add comments on what the closure would mean to you and your family.

How it will be delivered

Via email

Dallington, Northampton

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Reasons for signing

  • I frequently walk past the nursery on my way to take my own children to school.Theres always a lovely sound of happy children and recently my own girls were enthralled by the painted rocks the children had made and put near to the brook 😊
  • Once closed, these fabulous places are unlikely to be opened again. The county council have to look further than the self-inflicted holes in their accounting, and preserve what is important to local communities. Enough is enough.
  • All 3 of my daughters went to this ore school and loved it and the staff are brilliant


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