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To: Hounslow Council

Save Feltham Showman's Site

Save Feltham Showman's Site from relocation as part of the Feltham Masterplan, with legal reassurance we will not be in the same position again in the next few years

Why is this important?

The Showman's Guild Community have been resident in Feltham for over 100 years. We have lived in partnership with the wider Feltham community as the town has grown around them. The land and properties are mainly individually owned by the showman residents, with the rest being council housing.

We base our well-established traditional businesses in this area; raise their families and contribute to the wider community. A lot of the residents in the Station Estate Road and New Road, the areas that are being threatened, were born and have lived all of their lives in this close knit community as have several generations before them.

Feltham has recently been designated a Housing Priority Area and Hounslow Council has formulated a Master Plan in accordance with this. This Master Plan has identified Station Estate Road and the adjoining New Road Homes for development. It is the only site identified that is already residential.

We would have to relocate if this plan goes ahead. This is against our wishes and insults the heritage of our community. The Council have not made alternative plans for this community; they have no idea where they would relocate us and no understanding of our needs. Any land designated for showman's usage needs to be sanctioned for their sole use and be deemed appropriate; they cannot just be given open land. On Station Estate Road and New Road we have built our homes and storage for our businesses.

The multi-story development that the Council is proposing is not necessary and not wanted by the wider local community. It would remove the open suburban feel of Feltham that you get when leaving the Railway Station. The additional properties being proposed would put additional strains on the Feltham Infrastructure.

Please support our historic community and prevent us from being dispersed by signing this petition against the relocation of Feltham Showman's Site.

Station Estate Road, Feltham

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