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To: Councillor Timothy Coleridge

Save Golborne Road

Save Golborne Road

Please protect the soul of this iconic market street. The council's proposed development will squeeze out traders and threatens a vibrant community of people. We urge you to change course and keep the spirit of Golborne Road alive.

Why is this important?

Golborne Road is one of the few remaining authentic markets in West London. You can still get a bargain antique, a good piece of vintage and a tasty meal from the food stalls and cafes.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea wants to gentrify it by widening the pavements and adding a complicated drainage system. A long period of disruption will harm people's livelihoods and could change the area forever.

All of us love this unique place for its friendliness and sense of community. We refuse to see this spirit replaced with chain stores and expensive boutiques.

If you want to save Golborne Road as we know it, please sign this petition.

Golborne Road, London

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Reasons for signing

  • They're developing everywhere, soon there'll be nothing original left, all trace of London gone. Just ugly buildings
  • Because I love the food stalls!
  • Youth working education


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