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To: Alyn Family Doctors and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Save Gresford Doctors Surgery and associated services from closure

Save Gresford Doctors Surgery and associated services from closure

To keep the Doctors Surgery and associated services at Gresford Health Centre open for the benefit of the residents, a large percentage of whom are pensioners, many 80+.

Why is this important?

We, the residents of Gresford need our Health Centre for GP appointments and Practice Nurse services to stay in Gresford.
The other options offered involve 1 or 2 bus journeys each way for those without transport, and little or no parking provision for those with a car.
If Llay is to be the main surgery, the chance of being offered an appointment involving 2 bus journeys will be extremely high.
The current waiting list for a GP appointment is several weeks and we are also concerned that this will worsen with only 2 surgeries.

Gresford, Wrexham

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Reasons for signing

  • No-one will tell us why they choose to close Gresford.
  • I was with this surgery for about 30 years before I moved out of the area recently. It's crazy that a large village population such as Gresford (and Marford) should be shoehorned into two other, already busy, small surgeries, putting more pressure on staff and doctors. Not to mention how elderly patients are supposed to get to an alternative surgery. Where's the billions of extra ££'s May is promising to invest in the NHS?
  • Sadly, whatever we want we will still be treated with total contempt by Alyn Family Doctors.


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