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To: West Leicestershire CCG

Save Hinckley Cottage Hospital, Leics. From being closed down and the land sold!

Stop the closure of our Cottage Hospital

Why is this important?

Hinckley Hospital is a small and much used healthcare facility in the heart of the town of Hinckley. It provides day care surgery and other day procedures to the local community who cannot travel out of town. It provides extensive Consultant outpatient care and all professions allied to medicine. Hinckley Hospital was built in 1899 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. It's a fine example of late Victorian architecture and solidly built. Since its inception it has been extended, always using local builders to continue to be the hub of Hinckley health care for its residents. Given its significance& history it is very surprising that Hinckley Hospital is not a listed building. Hinckley residents will inevitably be denied care if they are forced to travel for health care.

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Reasons for signing

  • Because we need it ,the local population is increasing not decreasing.Also the hospital was donated to the town by Atkins and in the early days financial running was by employees in the town.Also the xray machine was bought by voluntary by the local community.We have a ready made building here it may just need more modern kit to make it fit for purpose so kit it out,we are already half way there with the building. Barry Hayes
  • Because it is a vital asset to the local community and its closure will cause very real hardship to poorly folk who then have to travel for care.
  • I have fond memories of this hospital, during the school holidays I worked there mainly in the kitchen. The hospital was very efficient under the expert eye of the Matron who ruled with 'a rod of iron', very effective that said I remember being part of a special team.


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Find the campaign at the Co-Op in Earl Shilton today 10am - 2pm

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