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Save HMV from closure

Save HMV from closure

The music, film and games retailer HMV was announced to have gone into administration for the second time on 28th December 2018. KPMG have been appointed as it's administrators, and as a loyal customer of HMV, I am calling upon them to save it from closure.

Why is this important?

This is so important as I have been shopping at HMV ever since I bought my first CDs, cassettes and then more recently vinyl from there since I was aged 9/10. It overtook other retailers last year to be the biggest seller of physical music releases - remarkable when it was on the brink of collapse in 2013 thanks to the efforts put in by previous buyer Hilco.

Even though digital streaming and download services exist, I still shop at HMV regularly twenty years on - at least once a month - as I support the presence of a high street outlet for music lovers like myself, and the permenant closure of HMV would mean the loss of this vital sector of the high street that has been present there for longer than I have been alive. The alternative is the tax evading, clinical outlets of Amazon, who I refuse to patronize because of this or their employment ethics. Furthermore, they give an opportunity for fans like myself to get up close with opportunities to meet their music and film heroes at in store signings and events for the price of a CD or DVD, a wonderful experience that will also disappear if HMV does.

Pete Paphides, rock critic for The Times has put into words far more eloquently why it is so important it is saved - the link to his article on Medium is here:

So I and the undersigned are calling upon KPMG to ensure that HMV is saved, and continues to empower local economies and is not lost from our high streets forever.



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