To: CEO Peel Ports & CEO Cammell Lairds

Save jobs at Cammell Lairds

Save jobs at Cammell Lairds

Commit to no compulsory redundancies at Cammell Lairds

Why is this important?

Cammell Lairds has just won £619M worth of contracts to maintain the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Ships, but in stead of reassuring their workforce, they have decided to propose 291 redundancies with the first taking place, just weeks before Christmas. We need to be Turning the tide on Casualisation, we believe it is not acceptable that companies like Peel Ports who have a controlling stake in Cammell Lairds, can take such aggressive steps to maximize profits.


Reasons for signing

  • A great cause, and almost every family on Wirral will have a relative who has worked here.
  • it's important that jobs are permanent and the workforce are well trained, kept up-to-date, safe to work, members of pension schemes. This does not happen with casual contracts and the UK will lose out on valuable engineering skills in the future
  • The safety of the Royal Fleet is paramount, this won't be guaranteed by reducing staff and adopting an ad hoc attitude to the employment of the very experienced staff charged with undertaking the skilled work required.. It is incumbent on Cammell Lairds to prioritise the safety of its workers and the fleet.With a full compliment of skilled workers


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