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To: CEO Peel Ports & CEO Cammell Lairds

Save jobs at Cammell Lairds

Save jobs at Cammell Lairds

Commit to no compulsory redundancies at Cammell Lairds

Why is this important?

Cammell Lairds has just won £619M worth of contracts to maintain the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Ships, but in stead of reassuring their workforce, they have decided to propose 291 redundancies with the first taking place, just weeks before Christmas. We need to be Turning the tide on Casualisation, we believe it is not acceptable that companies like Peel Ports who have a controlling stake in Cammell Lairds, can take such aggressive steps to maximize profits.


Reasons for signing

  • I have signed to SAVE JOBS doesn't say STRIKE ANYWHERE! Did you miss the part where I said your brothers are going behind your back I wasn't going to say it but some of them are making special calls and visits out of hours so nobody knows explaining themselves for being on the line and even saying sorry!One thing I cant stand is a snake and those people standing next to you in the day and going behind your back when you aren't there well hate to say it but you deserve a better class of picket!!!
  • How can you win a major contract & then lay your workforce off. Greedy barstewards
  • Birkenhead was built on the back of camel laird.keep the jobs for Birkenhead and it's workforce.


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