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To: Chief Executive Liverpool Women's Hospital & Liverpool CCG

Save Liverpool Women's Hospital

Save the Liverpool Women's Hospital. No closure. No privatisation. No cuts. No merger. Reorganise the funding structures not the hospital. Our babies and mothers our sick women deserve the very best.

Why is this important?

All the maternity and women's health provision of Liverpool was pulled into this one site. It's a much loved hospital. It provides crucial specialised care and the daily joy of new babies. #one born. The driving force for closure is a clumsy funding structure not the needs of women and babies. The alternative of wards in the new Royal is not an equivalent.

This is a modern hospital on a good site.Our taxes built it for our babies and for our women.

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2023-09-19 12:35:19 +0100

Please help again. There is a renewed threat to Liverpool Women's Hospital. The NHS is midst of a profound political organisational and funding crisis and we have a linked maternity and women’s health crisis. Our hospital’s problems reflect these national issues. Without public consultation, the Chief Executive of the large, merged Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust is to be made also Chief Executive of Liverpool Women's Hospital. We see this as a precursor to a merger and the dispersal of services from Liverpool Women's Hospital. All hospitals are struggling this autumn and that is before the winter crisis hits. The maternity crisis deepens. We have a planning meeting on 25th September. Passcode 520832 Please join the meeting. We have many activities planned, a lobby, a tour with a campaign wagon, a demonstration, a public meeting and leafletting, Please come to the demonstration on 7th October and spread the word.

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