To: Chief Executive Liverpool Women's Hospital & Liverpool CCG

Save Liverpool Women's Hospital

Save Liverpool Women's Hospital

Save the Liverpool Women's Hospital. No closure. No privatisation. No cuts. No merger. Reorganise the funding structures not the hospital. Our babies and mothers our sick women deserve the very best.

Why is this important?

All the maternity and women's health provision of Liverpool was pulled into this one site. It's a much loved hospital. It provides crucial specialised care and the daily joy of new babies. #one born. The driving force for closure is a clumsy funding structure not the needs of women and babies. The alternative of wards in the new Royal is not an equivalent.

This is a modern hospital on a good site.Our taxes built it for our babies and for our women.


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Reasons for signing

  • I gave birth to my first baby in the Women's one year ago. I am a foreign PhD student so it was wonderful to have the Women's with me on that pregnancy journey. The place and the staff were wonderful. A dedicated place to women is clearly a must-have. Because in health, the mind is really important, it is absolutely counter-productive to let funding issues go against patient well-being and comfort, especially recalling that being pregnant is NOT a condition.
  • I had my first child there 3 months ago & I could not fault the hospital in anyway especially the midwives who helped through labour & delivered my baby I could not have done it without them.
  • It's the best hospital treated with utmost respect and dignitÅ·


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