To: Office of fair trading and the competition comission

Save local greengrocers & butchers

Save local greengrocers & butchers

Supermarkets are destroying all local shops and farming by pushing prices down in a war against each other, in some cases they sell produce for less than its costs them to buy and even produce. Because of this, there is a growing rate of local shops going out of business. The current situation with the amount of power a supermarket has needs to be stopped and a fair trading policy put into place to ensure that our traditional local stores can keep trading.

Why is this important?

Supermarkets are creating an extremely large amount of food waste due to over buying, they force unfair conditions upon farmers/growers and care nothing for small traditional family run grocers / butchers. If something is not controlled now - the uk will loose its traditional stores within a few years.


Reasons for signing

  • I am really supportive towards my local butcher and I want to save him