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To: Derby City Council

Save the Mad Hatter's Tea Room

Save the Mad Hatter's Tea Room

Derby City Council should keep their hands off the Madhatter Tea Room. Reinstate the lease to the current owner and SAVE THE GREEN FLAG STATUS

Why is this important?

The Mad Hatters Tea Room at Derby's Alvaston Park is due to close. Derby City Council has decided not to renew its lease because the authority wants to take it "in house".

This will effect greatly the people of Alvaston who use this facility and of course undo a great deal of work carried out by our volunteers at the 'Alvaston Park Friends' in particular who have worked tirelessly to get our fantastic park to green flag standard, we need to fight this and keep the Mad hatter cafe under private management.

We're worried that if the council take over the lease there will be a drop in quality and the prices will go up. Given all the cuts that are happening in Derby right now (toilets closing, the water feature and more) we're worried that the council could end up closing the cafe.

Alvaston, Derby

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