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To: Stockport Council

Save Marple Wharf

Save Marple Wharf

We call on Stockport Council to save Marple Wharf by rejecting a planning application to turn our historic warehouse into a house. The community have a viable plan to turn it into community rooms and café that would preserve its heritage and public access.

Why is this important?

Marple was created by the canals. Generations have walked and boated along them, fed the ducks, or just stopped and stared. It makes us who we are. The centre is the Wharf where three canals meet. Above all, this is a public place of shared heritage and experience. A developer has submitted a planning application on behalf of the Canal and River Trust to convert the warehouse to a house which means it would be lost to the community forever. The community cannot afford the inflated price CRT have demanded for the warehouse. More information:
Please object directly to application DC/067000 to the Council too:

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to the planners and our local Councillors before the plans committee meeting.


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