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To: Haringey Council


We, the undersigned, say:
Please don't move Muswell Hill Library to a different site. We can improve the existing library for just £60,000. This would give us a lift, a disabled toilet and better disabled access!

Why is this important?

Muswell Hill Library is under threat!
1. Haringey Council are trying to close Muswell Hill Library so that they can sell off the building.
2. They want to fund projects elsewhere in the borough.
3. Muswell Hill Library is a listed building of great significance - yet the council claim "investing in this building is not a priority".
4. Instead they are offering a downgraded library service in a dark, oppressive space with low ceilings, beneath a major luxury flats development.
5. There will be no disabled parking or possibility to set down passengers with limited mobility - despite being located on one of the steepest hills in London.
6. The 'consultation' only offers two possible options - stay in the existing building with no improvements, or move to the alternative site.

Our Campaign
1. The Friends of Muswell Hill Library have been given a quote to improve the existing library for just £60,000.
2. We are campaigning for Haringey Council to go ahead with this option
3. This modest cost would cover a lift, a disabled toilet, better disabled access
4. Haringey Council claim that these minor modifications would cost £680,000! This is 11 times more than the true cost!
5. Catherine West MP has written to the leader of Haringey Council in support of our campaign.

What can you do to help?
1. Sign this petition - and get your friends and family to do so! (link goes here). If we get 2,220 signatures we can trigger a Full Council debate!
2. Join our facebook group:
3. Spread the message in the media and follow us on Twitter @FriendsN10
4. Go to and fill in the questionnaire. Respond ‘Strongly Agree' to Option 1 and ‘Strongly Disagree’ to Option 2. Remember to click the ‘Submit’ button.
5. Write to the responsible councillor, Bernice Vanier - you can email her at [email protected]
6. Write to the responsible civil servant, Zoe Robertson - you can email her at [email protected]
7. Make a formal complaint to Haringey Council - that they have not consulted on all options - you can do this by clicking here:

Muswell Hill, London

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Reasons for signing

  • My education came equally from Tollington Grammar and Muswell Hill Library; It deserves to be cherished, not abandoned.
  • I worked there many years ago, it's a wonderful library, so welcoming!
  • The library was such a vital sanctuary for me and my children when they were little, somewhere to be a little less lonely and to escape into a world of books.


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