To: Wirral Borough Council Planning Department

Save our beautiful tree in Village Rd West Kirby - keep the TPO

Save our beautiful tree in Village Rd West Kirby - keep the TPO

Please consider the voices and concerns of local residents who do not want the protected status removed from the beautiful conifer at Beacon Tor, Village Road, West Kirby.

Why is this important?

This beautiful tree adds so much to the local area, is home to lots of wildlife and has been here over seventy years. We love it. It is stable, has already lost a lot of its neighbours on the site and there are few trees of this stature left in our area. Please take our views into consideration when making your decision on any TPO removal requests.

West Kirby

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Reasons for signing

  • Save this beautiful tree, it gives so much pleasure to people and wildlife. Trees are the lungs of the earth and absorb water, so stops boggy land and flooding . DO THE RIGHT THING !!!!.
  • Why oh why would anyone want to remove this beautiful tree. A safe, secure environment for wildlife and no threat to anyone's safety. We all need the therapeutic beauty of nature and so much of it is being destroyed. Please think carefully as once gone it can never be replaced.
  • Too much unnecessary destruction of nature going on.


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