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To: Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Save Our Children's Centres

Save Our Children's Centres

Barnsley UNISON and the undersigned call upon Barnsley Council to reverse the decision to cease the provision of day care services in 9 of the town's children's centres.

Why is this important?

The proposed changes to services across our town's children's centres will have a devastating impact on our communities and will leave thousands of children and families without adequate early years services.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition to the Leader of the Council


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Reasons for signing

  • Because they have supported me from day earlt days of moving to to stoke on trent with my first born child. Helping me deal with brievement an helping me socialize also making me feel like i had a belonging here and making my children grow an develop so well with all such caring hardworking members from the hope centre
  • Barnsley needs early years support not only for the children, but for the communities the Children's Centres support.
  • This service was vital to me as a new parent, I'd hate to think that other new parents may not get the same opportunities that I did.


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